Life And Death Adventures in London

Book Cover: Life And Death Adventures in London
Editions:E-Book: $ 5.99

Jewels Diva® has finally done it! She's finally had her book picked up by a UK publisher and is on her way to a ten day stay in London, England.


Arriving in London and completely overwhelmed by the sights and sounds, Jewels soon finds herself in the middle of a sticky situation. After meeting the Son of God, the gorgeous Sgt. Callum Stone, she becomes involved with a woman trying to commit suicide and homicide. A woman so determined to kill herself and her child she hits Jewels with her car and takes her into the murky depths of the Thames.


Jewels valiantly struggles to cope with her head wound after being smashed into the river wall and saves the woman and child…at her own expense. Her injuries are so horrific her pain filled, pill popping days start. From seeing her face for the first time and having conversations with Jack the Hammer who is going in her head 24/7, to having Callum see her wounds and the overwhelming heartache it brings her. She’s arrested at a party for assaulting two police officers, one of them Callum, and overdoses on her 450 pill stash and a bottle of vodka.


After nearly losing her again, Callum declares his love and whisks her away for a holiday where she starts to heal and deal with her issues. But new dreams plague her. Dreams of a big white spikey thing that means something bad is going to happen. Something really bad! Consenting to do a New Year’s Eve concert in the same club she was arrested in, Jewels has three days to get the show together and it goes off without a hitch. Until she sees that big white spikey thing directly across the river from the club and finally remembers what it means. Trouble!


There’s also trouble in the form of Michaelangelo Telltorro. The up and coming actor singer who has been telling tales about the passionate affair he and Jewels are having all over Europe. So she accepts an invitation to attend the awards ceremony Michaelangelo will be presenting at, all to humiliate and annihilate him. And she does it in grand style, with a video of him going out across the TV airwaves, and her blog and YouTube channel, to millions of people.


Jewels can finally relax, her adventures are over, she’s happy with Callum, she’s a multimillionaire and she’s finally going home.


Life and Death Adventures in London will be getting a new cover, title and makeover in 2018