The Bones Of Wrath: Changes

Book Cover: The Bones Of Wrath: Changes
Editions:E-Book - Skull & Bone Imprint: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-925683-23-3

Changes; things we cannot stop no matter how hard we try…


Phropheticus Mothimus: An ancient shaman story of a hybrid moth man creature told by those who’ve seen it, those who’ve become it, and now young Davey is about to find out exactly what it’s like.


Alien Master Cook: Best friends Darcy and Jennifer enter the Trifest Children’s Master Cook Masterclass Cooking Competition along with ninety-eight other hopefuls. As the field narrows weird things start to happen and when it comes down the last two standing, Darcy and Jennifer find out what the real prize for winning the competition is.


The Dead People: Adam wakes up in a cold and isolated underground bunker. How did he get there, who brought him there…and more importantly, why do they want him and everyone else dead?


Rat Finks: Mike, and his kid brother David, are new in town and out to get to know the local kids. But the local kids are disappearing and it all has something to do with sundown and melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies…


Hu-Bot, I Am: Science has come a long way with prosthetics for humans, but Sam is worried about the new robotic versions and the doctor behind them. Can he bring the secrets and lies to light before the new robotic world destructs around him?