Why Positivity Can Be A Bad thing!

Book Cover: Why Positivity Can Be A Bad thing!
Editions:E-Book - First Edition: 2014: $ 2.99 USD

Why Positivity Can Be a Bad Thing!is one outlook on the phenomenon called positivity, how it’s changed the world, the people who live in the positive and how they treat those who don’t. The power of positivity can be a good thing if used correctly; if not, those who preach it the loudest are being the biggest hypocrites.


Why Positivity Can Be a Bad Thing!is one outlook on living life in the negative; the ups and downs, trials and tribulations of trying to keep oneself up and positive, more than likely failing miserably on a daily basis. With life full of negativity and insanely mixed messages it’s damn hard being positive in world that’s confused itself with its own garbage.


What Why Positivity Can Be a Bad Thing!tells us is, positivity can be a bad thing if used as a weapon of mass emotional destruction and hypocrisy, and not for peace, kindness, comprehension or understanding of other people and their comments in general. And if you think and feel the same, then this book is for you.


Why Positivity Can Be a Bad Thing! started off based on the blog posts JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE, a movement started by LJ. Diva to try and bring positivity into the lives of herself and her followers, but evolved into a story about the real life dramas happening on her doorstep.






#teenblogger: To Follow Or Not To Follow?

Book Cover: #teenblogger: To Follow Or Not To Follow?
Editions:E-Book - Dream Star Imprint: 2016: $ 2.99 AUD
ISBN: 978-1-925683-15-8
Trade Paperback - Dream Star Imprint: 2016: $ 11.99 AUD
ISBN: 978-1-925683-75-2
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 104

All Clancy Yearforth wanted to do was start a simple blog to talk about stuff she liked and the things she did at school. She didn’t expect it to take off like a frog in a sock, especially after telling everyone she was going to the Teen Blogger Conference.


Suddenly she’s gaining likes, followers and subscribers, and while she thinks it’s awesome, the horrible comments and rude behaviour from people she doesn’t know and some of the kids at school are not.


After attending the conference where she’s stalked and harassed, then her schoolmates dictating how and when she should blog, Clancy needs to decide whether blogging is even worth her time and energy any more.


Clancy’s come face to face with the same dilemma so many experience online every day. Whether to stick by your own principles and be yourself in everything you do, or to conform to the pressures of what everyone else wants. To stand by your own beliefs and the things you say, or be dictated to by those who don’t like what you think or say and treat you badly for it.


That’s why for Clancy it all comes down to one simple thing… To Follow or Not To Follow?