T.K. Wrathbone




Welcome to the spine-tingling world of T.K. Wrathbone!


T.K. Wrathbone’s stories and books are “paranormal with a light twist of supernatural horror”. Full of all things ghosts, ghouls, aliens, witches and wizards, monsters, myths, legends fables and fairy tales, they’ll give you a thrill, and a tingle down the spine.


T.K. is a children’s TV show veteran who loves watching disaster and creature/zombie movies and TV shows, but not at night.


T.K. started writing many a year ago back in primary school, but only started her author career in 2015 with the release of her first three stories and anthology. Four stories are released each year and she will continue writing and releasing stories until there are twelve Bones books and a special edition numbered 13…


T.K. lives in Australia, loves extra cheesy cheeseburgers and chocolate, and gets a kick out of watching funny dog and cat videos.




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